Commerce Bank Online Login


 Video demonstration and instructions on how to perform Commerce Bank Online Login:

1. Enter the following link in your browser's URL:

2. Enter your Customer ID and Password to the provided text fields.

3. Pick what page you want to go to through the Take me to scroll bar.

Want to make it your default page? Just tick the box just beside the scroll bar.

4. Click Log In to continue to the next page.

5. Follow the next instructions you will see onscreen and now you're finally logged in.




Having problems logging in?

Follow this step by step process to reset your credentials for your Commerce Bank Online account:

1. Click Forgot your Password? link just beside the password text field. 

2. Enter your Customer ID, Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, Last 4 digits of your debit/credit card number and 3-digit Security Code in the text fields provied.

3. Click Continue.

4. Follow onscreen instructions to finalize the process.



Still having problems logging in? Directly contact Commerce Bank to help you in your Commerce Bank Online Login issues.

For General Inquiries

Call: 800-453-2265


For Online and Mobile Banking

Online Banking and Bill Pay Customer Support - 800-986-2265

Mobile Banking Customer Support - 844-782-7206

Online Banking/Mobile Banking Password Resets - 800-986-2265

Small Business Online Banking - 800-986-2265


For Personal Account Information

24 Hour Account Information Line - 800-453-2265

Personal Accounts & Services - 800-641-2265 

Personal Loans - 800-449-9829

Student Loans - 800-666-3910


For future reference, please bookmark this page. You can view it anytime to check if there are any changes on the Commerce Bank Online Login process. We try to give the latest information so you can count on it if you are having issues in the future.